About Nubreed Global Truth

Welcome to Nubreed Global Truth, where enlightenment meets empowerment, and the path to salvation is illuminated through the timeless wisdom of the Bible. Our mission is clear: to inform, empower, and guide individuals back to the God and Christ of the Bible, urging them to embrace the laws, statutes, and commandments therein for the betterment of their lives and communities.

Our Values

At Nubreed Global Truth, our values are deeply rooted in the principles of the Bible. We believe in love, unity, and the pursuit of righteousness. We strive to foster a community where individuals of all backgrounds, particularly those of the Black community and followers of Christ, can find solace, support, and spiritual guidance.

Engaging the Community

Through our primary platform on YouTube, supplemented by Patreon and other social media channels, we engage with our community on a profound level. From thought-provoking live streams discussing current events through a biblical lens to uplifting "Truth Music," our content aims to inspire, educate, and uplift.

Setting Ourselves Apart

What sets Nubreed Global Truth apart is our commitment to action. Beyond discussion, we provide tangible solutions. Our innovative Love Notes initiative allows contributors to not only support our cause but also benefit from exclusive discounts with partnering merchants. Moreover, our dedication to community building is exemplified by Unlimited Potential Farms, a 115-acre sanctuary in North Carolina, where we are fostering self-sufficiency and laying the groundwork for a return to our ancestral homeland in Africa.

An Independent Perspective

We take pride in offering an independent perspective rooted solely in the principles of the Bible. Our community is not bound by the confines of any church, club, or company. Instead, we unite under the banner of truth and love, welcoming all who seek knowledge, understanding, and spiritual growth.

Our Vision for the Future

Our ultimate goal is to achieve self-sufficiency on the fertile lands of North Carolina, paving the way for a journey back to Africa. Through unwavering dedication to biblical truth, we aim to guide individuals toward a brighter future, both spiritually and materially.

Community Engagement

Our community thrives on engagement. Whether through lively discussions in YouTube live chats, interactions on our community app, or participation in real-world events like the Land Walk in North Carolina, Jamaica Retreats, or spiritual demonstrations in Washington D.C., we encourage active involvement and connection.

Join Us on the Journey

As you explore Nubreed Global Truth, we invite you to become an active participant in our mission. Contribute to our cause through purchasing Love Notes and exclusive merchandise, knowing that your support fuels our vision for a better, more enlightened future.

Together, let us walk the path of truth, love, and empowerment. Welcome to Nubreed Global Truth.


"Nubreed Global Truth welcomes friends and family of our Youtube community which is a channel solely dedicated to empowering and motivating those, who are dealing with various life issues. This forum is also very educational, we tend to explore different ideas and concepts regarding society. We do commentary videos, blogs and live streaming.

We will take full advantage of freedom of speech and scratch beneath the surface of mainstream media as an independent source. In this current time many world events are taking place, we would like to expound on said events from a spiritual perspective, the content on this page will include exclusive, original series and motivational talks. Brace yourself for informative, provocative and compelling material. Thank you for becoming a patron. You will be enlightened."